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Round 3

Sunday, August 25th at Bourbon Springs, Richmond

About round 3-


401 Back Tea Tree Road, Richmond (Bourbon Springs)

Sign up info:

Race Registations to open soon

Make sure you are a member of the "Swansea Motorcycle Association" and have a valid MA Licence

 No MA licence at sign on, no race.

JUNIORS NOTICE: For any juniors who didn’t attend round 1 but want to compete in the rest of the series, please remember that a new hard enduro endorsement is now required by Motorcycling Australia (MA) to compete in any Hard Enduro event.

Hard Enduro Riding/Race Number selection process is as follows:

  1. Sign into Ridernet and go to your profile

  2. Select Riding Numbers then click add riding number

  3. Selection is "Tas" "Enduro" "Hard Enduro 7-99"

  4. Select riding number and add

  5. Use this number when entering event

Classes for this years series are as follows:


Competitive Classes: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Ladies, Junior A, Junior B, Over 40's Gold, Over 40's Silver, Over 40's Bronze

Non competitive (Come and try): Iron Class

Race Day instructions 22nd June


Sign on / scrutineering from 8:30am

*NO Bikes to be started before briefing.*

Junior and Senior briefing 9:30am


Seniors and laidesstart time: 10am (3 hour enduro)

Iron and Junior start time: 11am (2 hour enduro)

Gold/Gold over 40, Silver/Silver over 40, Bronze/Bronze in order of race start.

 Ladies Bronze, Iron Class (non competitive), Junior A and B in order of race start

Mass start in grades.​

You must finish current lap after the clock runs down. Or DNF.

No Camping available on site

Toilets, food and coffee all onsite.


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