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Hard Enduro Adventures Tasmania (HEAT) volunteers are known as the HEAT Crew. Our awesome HEAT Crew add so much to the events! HEAT Crew help make these events possible and allow our participants to compete in a fun, safe, and organised way.

Why join the HEAT Crew?  Quick Vid

It's a great way to be part of the awesomeness, without getting too sweaty.

People help out for a number of reasons:

  • To check out what HEAT is all about

  • A great way to stay involved, when injury prevents you from participating in the event

  • Friends, family, and/or partners like to share in the fun, creating a great social event while being together.

  • Meet and greet with the best in the industry, PRE and POST events.


What HEAT Crew get

  • Behind the scenes insight into our events 

  • Email/phone support from when you sign up. 

  • An electronic guide for on the day role, along with a dedicated HEAT Crew Coordinator meeting you on/before event day. 

  • Entry into HEAT events, social or competitive!

  • Heaps of high fives and thank yous from the participants, along with endless love and gratitude from the organisers

  • The opportunity to hang out with the coolest community of like minded people.


  • People who can commit to the InsaneRide 2 day event also receive a free team helpers pack (Lots of goodies inside)

  • Free lunches (Roll and coffee)

  • FREE accommodation for the duration of the event*.

  • Free awards BBQ dinner.


What roles are available?

A variety of things, including but not limited to:

  • PRE Event

  • Designing the courses, we love input of course layout and adding idea’s.

  • Building the course, using tools and machinery to shape up the track.

  • Flagging the Course - Have a bit of a ride before the event, placing the all important course markers/ribbon and seeing how much pain riders will face.


  • DURING Event

  • Parking

  • Sign on/up

  • Rider info packs.

  • Shuttle key people

  • Sweeping the course – (Main event) Lets you have a ride, following behind the last participants.

  • Course Marshals - Help direct riders on the course, while watching it unfold.

  • Merchandising and ticket sales

  • Kids zone, during the prologue watching kids have a safe time on the attractions.

  • Timing – Giving woo-hoos as riders cross the line, pass the various remote checkpoints and ensuring those all important finish times are recorded



  • Trail Maintenance - Where we give back the land to the owners we love by tidying up at the conclusion of the event. Another chance to ride the event course

  • Track clean up, storing some course obstacles out of the way

  • Rubbish removal

  • Social media posts.


How do I sign up?

If you're ready to join the HEAT Crew please complete the form here! 

If you have further questions, or simply want to find out more about HEAT opportunities, send an email to 

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