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Rider Information

At the N10Z Hard Enduro series the following rider categories will apply:

Gold #0-99

-It’s the start to a thrilling new series, but GOLD is for the skilled riders only. (if you doubt your decision, simply don’t do it) 

The ones who train hard will shine. Showcasing your skills and endurance will win your class. Expect no walks in the park, no pushes or tugs up hills. It’s you, your bike and your fitness. Tools optional.


GOLD MUST have a gps device fitted at all of our series rounds for your scores to count. Don’t like it, choose another grade. Don’t have one, get one or hire one from us ($50 per event, $300 replacement fee) Limited numbers.


Garmin is definitely the best. Don’t care, but you must provide the unit at the sign on if navigation is required. (regs will mention this) or the .gpx file at race end (carried during the race) for your score to be checked and counted. Make sure you have a cable.  


SOME rounds rely solely on GPS, some rounds have markers but not 100% of the gold trails will be marked.

Silver- ( # 100-399)

-Aimed at a seasoned racer, the challenges step up quickly, but generally some rest between the obstacles and challenges. 

-Generally a reasonable length track. 

-Expect more rocks, logs and slippery conditions. 

-Those who have mastered the skills shine here. Once again progressively getting harder during the season.

Bronze (# 400-999)

Is our entry level track, quite often the longer easiest track on a difficult set race course, open to all competitors riding on

-Full size bikes 18/19-21” wheel set.

-Adults 18+

-Expect easier going, at the start of the season. Gradually becoming more challenging throughout the series.

Junior B ( # 1-999) White backgrounds.

is for 12+ riders, 

-Riding a manual clutch bike only. 

-They ride on a junior track that has smaller obstacles and challenges. 

-No rider is to ride more than a 150cc capacity motorcycle.

-Duration approx 1.5 hours or 3 laps.

Junior A ( #400-999)

Junior A is for 15yo* + who wants to apply to race the Bronze track with seniors.

-Must be on a full size bike i.e. 21” front, 18/19” rear wheel set. 

-NOT exceeding 250cc 2- stroke capacity or 300cc 4-stroke capacity.

-This is not automatic, must apply and is vetted on experience or previous results only.

Points Breakdown and General Info

Points allocation for all classes.


1-20th 25, 22, 20, 18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Every finisher below 20th receives 1 point. 


No transponders required unless stated.


The national rounds points awarded on the overall class finish. Ie Gold Tassie rider finishes 10th they would receive 11 points towards the state series. If that makes sense. 


Class changes, points remain in that class only. 

Medallions awarded at completion of each round event. 1st-3rd for all classes.

Trophies awarded at the end of year presentation, To be held at a weekend ride day post the InsaneRide.

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