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In 2014 on the June long weekend I decided to hold a birthday ride for Nathan Sutcliffe for his 40th. This was a great organised trail ride that consisted of 22 mates. It was a return off road trip between Underwood & Pyengana. The trip was 350 kms over 2 days. Supporting local businesses where we ate, fuelled and stayed.


At completion it left us in awe, that we should really do that again.

With such an achievement in 2014 we set out to better the event. Majority of our riding had followed the newly formed Hard Enduro from Europe and other countries where it had become such a craze.


For the rest of 2014, and through to the 2015 June long weekend we started planning, track scouting, opening up of old logging coupes, tracks and fire breaks. We decided to run the 2015 ride from Myrtle Park camping ground and base the ride in our beloved Lisle state forest.

2015 Ride was a lead sweep trail ride. Originally set to be a 2 dayer, no one opted for day 2.  This event saw 28 people attend and leave worn out but satisfied. This is where the name rose from. “Let’s call the next one the Insane Ride” It grew 27%

2016InsaneRide. Trail ride, graded for ability but still a lead sweep event. This event was 54 kms in length. Graded, Hard, Medium and Easy. This concept worked OK but a lot of “wannabee’s held up the “can bee’s” and took upto 8 hours to complete the course. This year “word of mouth only” saw 38 people attend the ride. A great feed and accommodation topped it off nicely. It grew 35% on previous.

2017InsaneRide. A graded gps ride over 2 days. 47 klms on day1 and 80klms on day2. Held once again in the Lisle state forest.  This event through word of mouth and a small note created a lot of interest.  We had to put a cap on attendances at 58 riders. 11 of these were from Victoria. 10 Vic’s Believe they will be returning.  


This year was also graded Hard, Medium and Easy but being gps lead worked extremely well.  Only 2 of the 28 (7%) who attempted the hard line finished it in the cut of time allowed. The feed was huge and the atmosphere was excellent. It grew 53% from 2016, or has grown 163% over 4 years.


We formed our HEAT (Hard Enduro Adventures Tas) name.

2018 Is to bigger and better again.  100% private land. Steep and rocky, thats the way we like it.  

2019 Biggest yet. 100 Racers assembled, more than half the field from over the ditch. Quickest time Chris Perry with a 3:24 for the 32km course. But 2020 has a few new surprises in store for them.

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