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The former Hydro village township of Poatina boasts some epic mountain and farm land views. It yet again welcomes HEAT's Hard Enduro. But for 2021 it's A little different.

Saturday 5th.

The ALL NEW PROLOGUE sprint course.

THis year you cana mix your speed and your skills to showcase to the 100s of spectators watching you challenge for the quickest lap. If you are good, you will find yourself in the top 20 shootout where you can score some cool gifts for your good efforts.

Sunday 6th.

A continual loop. "Clover leaf"

Leaving Poatina 0730 Sunday 6th June, heads for the mountains and rivers. First stopping off on the white logs of the prologue course, and heading for cliffs and the green rocks. You make your way to the quarry where spectators will be waiting to see you.  You can fill and replensih at the quarry. Battered and worn you leave the quarry for the next loop that eventually returns to the quarry yet again, spectators still cheering, maybe cackling. Leaving the quarry this time you head for the famous gullies, coolant climb, gasgas hill and you'll find yourself at HEARTATTACK creek.  But there waits another new challenge this year. You'll see. Dragging your bike through the lovely green rocks you will head back for the quarry. NOW if you are one of those "ELITE GOLD" riders the fun don't stop here. The last and final loop takes you into some more fun climbs, 'nosebleed' 'cuthos trail' and 'drop bears brother'. It's brutal, you will be exhausted but don't be beaten. Completing these last few challenges you will return to finish at the quarry and will be rewarded as a 2021 InsaneRide finisher.


No Transponders required.

NO GPS Needed.

Get ya mates ready. Bragging rights to be had.

Accomodation bookings. With Poatina. Contact Ian on 0363978290 or

Bike hire Here

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