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Poatina, is a former Hydro village, nestled in the Northern Midlands looking back towards Cressy and Longford. Approx 45 minutes drive from Launceston, 1:15 hr from Devonport, 2 hours from Hobart. 

Upon arrival you could mistake this quiet little town to that of a ghost town, however there is an abundance of activity around.  The view Cafe, tea rooms and licensed golf club hold refreshments and food, the local hall, community centre, arts gallery provide things to do.  The locals are all lovely.


Not far up the hill is the great lakes.

There is quite comfortable accommodation within the village.

Please take notes.

1. It will not be as cold, but pack accordingly.

2. The prologue and main events are all on private property, please respect and place any rubbish in bins provided or take it with you.

3. Wear appropriate footwear, it is spring, the properties are most likely wet and slippery.  

4. DO NOT assist the bikes, although it may look like they need help it is far too easy to get tangled up in moving and hot parts.  We want you to get home in 1 piece. 

5. Enjoy your day, use the shuttle bus, please donate to allow us to pay for these services, support those stalls around you..

6.Enjoy your day.


MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT MISS THE BUS. Last bus will leave as posted on the day. After Party at the golf club if you want to join for drinks and presentations. From 1730.

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