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The Insane Ride 2023

September 22nd - 24th 2023


Event Information


DIRECTIONS TO THE PROPERTY: 65 Gordon St, Poatina 7302


The property is located in North of Tas 54KM South of Launceston and 164KM North of Hobart.  MAP


COVID-19. Please obey directions and be safe.


Pit tents and authorized vehicles can use the designated Pit Area. Camping facilities are available. (Vehicle camping stickers to be purchased from Poatina Chalet before set up)



Sign on Available from 12pm - 5pm Thursday 21st September (Recommended as Friday mornings get very busy)

Friday 22nd September 2023

Sign on is from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM


  • Once on site please travel down Gordon St down to the Poatina Community hall.

    • Food van, Toilets, sign on tent and first aid are all located in Pit area as well as Poatina village

  • Sign on will take place here. (It will be well sign posted)

-The rider will need to show a photo ID and their current in date MA licence printout or screen shot.

-Your completed Bike Self-Scrutineering form and guardianship form (if applicable)




-Our timing system requires NO transponder to be fitted to your bike.




You must ensure you have your bike number fitted on the front and side plates on your motorcycle prior to the event starting. Ensure we can read it, say it out loud as you come through the shoot, otherwise you will not be scored, Also if we see a number relating to another grade on track then you may be sent down a difficult trail. All bike numbering must be to Vic hard enduro series standards. Race number information





Self-scrutineering . Bikes do not require road registration as the event is held on private property.  Please bring a completed scrutineering form with you (received in info pack) to sign-on along with your completed guardianship form (if required). Please note no pit bikes or cheap “eBay bikes” are permitted to be used at our events.


Junior bikes are restricted to 65cc to 200 cc two stroke & 125cc to 250cc four stroke.

All bikes must be fitted with a manual clutch from the factory, meaning no PW80 for example as they will not make it around the course.

Please note Scrutineering forms must be completed in full before registration.




There will be check points on the route, please treat these the same as the start / finish line slowing down and verbally communicating your bike number to the official. ALL riders MUST carry a gps and have it set to record. The .gpx file must be available at race completion for the results to be checked. Have your cable handy. Top 10 finishing rider's GPS units must be handed in and files downloaded at finish line. Garmin units are catered for.



Required for ALL classes (Except Junior B). This track is not bunted or arrowed, gps navigation is needed and it must be carried for points to count. .gpx file must be handed in at completion of the event. Bring your own cable. Garmin units supported only for our computer system. 


All grades follow GPS route which will be provided via email leading up to event.




  • Sign on will be held at the Poatina Community Hall from 12pm - 5pm.

  • Prologue Track WALK ONLY Allowed from Thursday 12pm onwards after sign on..


  • Sign on will be held at the Poatina Community Hall from 8-10am

  • 11 am Rider briefing.

  • Rider assembly at start line by 11:30 am.

  • Racers will complete up to 3 individual laps of the Prologue course on Friday



  • Timing Check in from 7:00 am.

  • Rider briefing at 8:00 am, with the start/clutch off being at 8:30AM Sharp.

  • Riders will be Staged along fence line beginning on the prologue course before continuing on 1 large lap estimated to take 5 plus hours

  • Course will be via GPS with riders following the appropriate GPS course for their category


  • Timing Check in from 8.30 am.

  • Rider briefing at 9:30 am, with the start/clutch off being at 10 AM Sharp.

  • Riders will be Staged in starting order in the starting area at the beginning on the prologue course before continuing on a new shorter lap enduro course utilising the best the prologue and the surrounding terrain has to offer (taking approximately 45mins -1 hour)

  • Course will be via a bunted in predetermined course with splits for gold/silver riders only!


. All riders will have their fastest lap time from Friday added to Saturdays Insane ride and sundays timed enduro The Insane ride saturday and sunday will be staged based on fastest lap times on Friday's  prologue.




We will have water at the pits on Saturday and Sunday.

Fuel for the weekend must be placed in the designated fuel area at the pits before your race. 



  • BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER daily will be available via various food vans on site from Friday morning. These are not pre ordered and can be purchased on the day.



We don’t mind a drink after a good day on the bikes. Please be mindful that our permit will NOT allow any racing with a reading over 0.00 and random checks may be carried out the mornings of racing and disqualifications are mandatory.


  • Each rider will be provided with 2 Spectator entry tickets with their race entry

(These will be handed out when signing on Saturday morning)

  • People 15 years and under are required to attain tickets through Sticky Tickets – These tickets are free of charge

  • People over 15 years can purchase any additional tickets required via Sticky Tickets

  • We would encourage pre purchases of discount spectator tickets to ensure the ques keep moving – Gate sales will also be available.

  • Please note motorcycle race spectating can come with some inherent dangers, to minimise these please reframe from standing directly on corners or too close to obsticles.

  • All spectators MUST stay atleast 3 metres back from track at all times.

  • Under no circumstances are spectators to enter any section of the race track.


  • Junior Entrant Pricing (3 days) - $220

  • Senior Entrant pricing (3 days) - $295

  • Iron Class Entrant (2 days Non-competitive)- $100


  • All riders must operate under the MA guidelines.

  • Iron Class requires only a MA "Single Event Recreational licence" (Just $32 available through Rider Net)


  • The Event Organizer will have the right to refuse entry to anyone and has the right to request any person to leave the property.


  • Riders must not be affected by alcohol or drugs whilst riding, if an official suspect you are affected by alcohol or drugs, it will be brought to the attention of the Event Organizer.




  • Each pit must have a fully charged (minimum 1kg) fire extinguisher present and easily available in the open.


  • Refueling is only permitted in the pits or refuel area.

  • Maximum speed in the pit area and any other area excluding the marked track is “Walking Pace”. Motorcycles ridden anywhere other than the racetrack is at “Walking Pace”. You will be asked to leave the property if you are seen riding at speed, in areas not designated as a racetrack.


  • Riding of the track is not permitted outside of the event without the express permission of the event organizer or track manager.

  • Riders are only permitted to ride in the correct race direction of any track, Leaving the track will result in DNF.

  • Unless entering PIT area you must continue onto the next lap


  • Sweep riders will be riding the tracks throughout the day, all sweep riders are identified by their high-visibility vest, if you need attention or wish to bring an issue to the attention of the race/event organizer, while you are riding, please notify a sweep rider or stationary marshal.


  • If you are unable to return the control tent yourself (or pit area), please notify a sweep rider.  They will assist you with your return.  Please be patient as you may be required to wait for the sweep rider to be available, the control tent will be notified of your situation by the sweep rider. At no time are bikes to be ridden or pushed against the track direction.



  • No sighting lap, you will experience terrain that is rocky, loose, steep and hazardous, ride at a pace that is safe and comfortable for you, if you feel the track is too dangerous or is too difficult for your ability please return to the pits and notify the control tent. 


  • An approved motorcycle helmet must be worn, boots that protect the feet and ankles, long pants and shirt/jersey, gloves and goggles (tear offs are not permitted).


  • No bikes are to be started or ridden before 8am respecting property owners, Portable toilets will be available at the event


  • Please take all rubbish with you leaving footprints only, some bins are provided at the venue, we want to be welcomed back again and again by the property owners so please respect this by leaving your camp and pit areas as they were when you arrived. Please ensure all zip/cable ties are picked up.


  • We have professional photographers at the event taking photos of the action, these will be used by Tasmanian Hard Enduro and our sponsors on social media platforms, if you do not want images of yourself or your children used in public you must let us know before the event commences via email

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